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Business Tax Preparation

Business Tax Return and Business Tax Return Refunds

Depending on the form in which your business operates, will by tax law, dictate what tax rules you must follow when filing your required business tax return. Whether your business is an LLC, an “S” corporation, a “C” corporation, partnership or a sole proprietor determines the many tax rules specific to your form of business.

Business Tax Return Preparation is one of our core services. Every year, we complete income, payroll, and sales tax returns for clients just like you. We communicate with you timely to ensure that all of your required business tax returns and filings are correct, and thereby avoiding red flags, and saving you money.

Our Business Tax Return Preparation Includes:

  • Small business taxes

  • Estate taxes

  • Corporate taxes

  • Partnership taxes

  • Payroll taxes

  • Individual Taxes – for sole proprietor

  • Sales Taxes

  • E-file

The best time to determine your business type for your particular needs is when you establish your business with the State of Florida. Whether you are just starting your business or have been operating for a while, we can help you with all your business tax return needs. We also have a dedicated tax planning service to advise you on ways to legally reduce your tax bill.

Benefits Of Using A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) To Complete Your Tax Return

The primary benefits of using a CPA to complete your tax return are:

  • CPA’s have significant experience preparing tax returns

  • CPA’s participate in continuing education classes each year

  • We subscribe to current tax research designed for tax professionals

  • We use one of the leading tax software products

  • Your returns are filed electronically to enable you to receive your refund quicker

Additional benefits of using a CPA to complete your tax returns are:

  • CPAs and Attorneys are given expanded powers of IRS Representation on returns prepared by the CPA or others

  • CPAs may Represent clients on most IRS matters including audits, payment/collection issues and appeals

  • CPAs can negotiate relief from wage or bank garnishments, penalty abatement, suspension of collection activity and more

  • Tax preparers other than CPAs, attorneys, or enrolled agents have limited powers of IRS Representation.

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